5 months ago

Let me say it like this

If you see a good person borrow a leaf and stop faking sainthood. Stop all excercises in false ideas.
6 months ago

The downsides of the laws that guide human relationships.

Its funny to start with when someone says, its wrong for you to appear in public as you are. Seriously, is this the reason for the new outlook in terms of 3 d and the rest. Its sad. It makes you a good human being to associate with your fake look. But does it still make it right to give up on your goals and decide to be shortchanged. I think not. I for one is not doing that. Our existence is a very cold one. It is one we should on ponder on deeply.
1 year ago

The danger in all...

There are seven billion hardworking, devoted and commited people in the world but amongst us are some who are misguided. Under what circumstances would a citizen who produces a commodity which should always be readily available be compromised. Compromise here means being led into a conception that will not maximise the output they will give. In my country a certain lady descendant of Amelia, lizzy has been the best so far here. I am also contributing and sometimes can produce some drinks. I really wonder why people can proove unreasonable. In the sense that food is a basic neccesity and this should not even be an issue. I wonder why people prefer taking short cuts. The person in question is holding back because of this. Often times I joked a lot. Some of my jokes, the said man, dove into the void. Etc. There is no void there is only good health which can be accessible to all and peaceful state of mind of doing your people the honour and doing the right thing which is concieving within your race. Please time is running out and it would be a joke if Lizzy has not by now had a child to show for a liason within her race. Being unreasonable is responsible for our present set backs. By now I would have been making the best drinks, ice creams etc. And Lizzy baking and cooking and doing her own best which she does all the time. Because after conception you go on tranmaquin and then everyone goes home happy. This is what I look up to.
1 year ago

The most important tip

Please demand the original posts!!!! Just search online for the UNEDITED BLOGGERBOD POSTS or demand it. Please everyman must know that after oral contact, discharge is next before anything and then the process can continue for the time being. All the best!
1 year ago

Remember this lady

Once upon a time a girl was born named Amelia Spencer. She had beautiful light skin and brown eyes. Now she has a great grandaughter daughter named Ekiye Elizabeth who is making life easier for everyone back at home. Not only does she cook but without drama or ceremonies. She is indeed an asset and looking foward to when she becomes a mother and can then continue being a beacon of hope.
1 year ago

Rules that apply

Usually you liked sex and used to try it out as a way of communicating affection and well being. You also knew of orals. Whether or not the woman is awake who must be your wife Orals can be really helpful and most not be tedious before it registers.
1 year ago

Like twenty girls demanded

Like twenty girls who have been on all this training for the last one month need to take it up. Guys need someone. Feel free to log on to their sites. How to do it. Go for current 40. Go for the men you desire! Please you know your social class for the girls I just listed. Please go for notable guys. If you are running out of names find out the ones I asked for. Google with current 40 and demand their website on google. Go there and hang out. All the best!